Some of our most popular dishes

4.  Pang Goong

4. Pang Goong

Minced chicken and prawns on toast topped with sesame seeds. Served with a sweet chilli sauce

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52.  Nasi Goreng

52. Nasi Goreng

Stir fried rice with chicken, egg, mixed vegetables, roasted chilli, paste and dark soy sauce

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38.  Gaeng Kiew

38. Gaeng Kiew

Famous Thai green curry cooked with bamboo shoots, Thai aubergines, lime leaves basil leaves and coconut milk

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15.  Som Tum

15. Som Tum

Green papaya salad with carrots ground dried shrimps, chilli, tomatoes and peanuts tossed with lime juice and fish sauce

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1.  Gai Satay

1. Gai Satay

Grilled marinated chicken satay with peanut sauce

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11.  Mixed Platter For 2 Persons

11. Mixed Platter For 2 Persons

A combination of vegetable spring rolls, thai fish cakes, minced chicken and prawns on toast, marinated chicken wings and prawn crackers

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5.  Kanom Jeeb (Thai Dim Sum)

5. Kanom Jeeb (Thai Dim Sum)

Steamed dumplings filled with minced chicken, crab sticks, prawns, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and water chestnuts wrapped with wonton skin served with a tamarind soy sauce

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6.  Gradook Moo

6. Gradook Moo

Famous Thai spare ribs marinated in soy and oyster sauce, garlic, pepper, coriander root and honey

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2.  Poh Pia Ped

2. Poh Pia Ped

Spring roll filled with roasted duck, cabbage and carrots with hoisin sauce

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3.  Tod Mun Pla

3. Tod Mun Pla

Thai fish cakes blended with red curry paste, fine beans and lime leaves. Served with chopped cucumber, onions, carrots, peanuts and sweet vinegar

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