1. Gai Satay
£4.99Add +
Grilled marinated chicken satay with peanut sauce
2. Poh Pia Ped
£4.99Add +
Spring roll filled with roasted duck, cabbage and carrots with hoisin sauce
3. Tod Mun Pla
£4.99Add +
Thai fish cakes blended with red curry paste, fine beans and lime leaves. Served with chopped cucumber, onions, carrots, peanuts and sweet vinegar
4. Pang Goong
£4.99Add +
Minced chicken and prawns on toast topped with sesame seeds. Served with a sweet chilli sauce
5. Kanom Jeeb (Thai Dim Sum)
£4.99Add +
Steamed dumplings filled with minced chicken, crab sticks, prawns, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and water chestnuts wrapped with wonton skin served with a tamarind soy sauce
6. Gradook Moo
£4.99Add +
Famous Thai spare ribs marinated in soy and oyster sauce, garlic, pepper, coriander root and honey
7. Goong Hom
£4.99Add +
King prawns marinated with garlic & coriander root wrapped with spring roll pastry, served with sweet chilli sauce
8. Peek Gai
£4.99Add +
Chicken wings marinated in garlic, ginger, onions and tomato sauce
9. Poh Pia Jay
£4.99Add +
Spring rolls filled with mixed vegetables and glass noodles. Served with sweet chilli sauce
10. Pak Tempura£4.40Add +Deep fried mixed vegetables in light batter. Served with sweet chilli sauce
11. Mixed Platter For 2 Persons
£9.98Add +
A combination of vegetable spring rolls, thai fish cakes, minced chicken and prawns on toast, marinated chicken wings and prawn crackers
12. Ped Krob£7.60Add +Aromatic crispy duck served with spring onions, cucumber, plum sauce and pancakes
13. Tom Yum Goong
£5.30Add +
Traditional Thai hot soup with king prawns flavoured with lemongrass, fresh lime leaves, galangal and chilli
14. Tom Kha Gai£4.99Add +Famous chicken galangal soup which is similar in taste to tom yum, but with a more distinct taste of galangal root and coconut milk to mellow the flavour
15. Som Tum
£7.65Add +
Green papaya salad with carrots ground dried shrimps, chilli, tomatoes and peanuts tossed with lime juice and fish sauce
16. Yum Neau
£7.65Add +
Scotch sirloin salad with onions, cucumber, tomatoes, mint and coriander. Served with garlic, chilli and lime dressing
17. Laab Gai
£7.65Add +
Minced chicken salad with ground roasted rice, onions, mint, lemon juice and chilli
18. Woosen Yum Talay
£8.80Add +
Glass noodles and seafood salad with onions, carrots, celery, spring onions, coriander. Served with garlic, chilli and lemon dressing
Chef Specialities
19. Sua Rong Hai£11.65Add +Chargrilled rib eye beef tossed with rice wine and served with ground roasted rice, chilli powder and soy sauce
20. Lamb Yang£11.65Add +Chargrilled lamb cutlets marinated in oriental spices
21. Ped Makham
£11.65Add +
Sliced roast duck in tamarind sauce on a bed of Chinese green vegetables and pickled ginger
22. Pla Si Eiw£13.85Add +Steamed sea bass fillets with soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, ginger and spring onions
23. Pla Sam Rod
£9.30Add +
Salmon fillet in light batter topped with a sweet, hot and sour sauce
Stir Fry Dishes
24. Gai Med Muang£7.35Add +Chicken with cashew nuts, onions, peppers, dry chilli and soy sauce
25. Gai Makeau£7.35Add +Minced chicken with aubergines, fresh basil leaves and fresh chilli
26. Gai Khing Sod
£7.35Add +
Chicken with fresh ginger, black fungus, onions and spring onions
27. Neau Hoi£7.35Add +Beef with mushrooms, onions and peppers in oyster sauce
28. Neau Mukham£7.35Add +Beef with fresh ginger, garlic, onions and a dash of tamarind juice
29. Moo Graprow£7.35Add +Pork with red peppers, basil leaves, fresh chilli and green beans
30. Moo Prik Phow
£7.35Add +
Pork with red peppers, basil leaves, roasted chilli paste made of shallots, garlic, chilli and shrimps
31. Moo Hwan£7.35Add +Pork caramelised with onions, garlic, soy sauce and muscovado sugar
32. Goong Priew Wan£7.35Add +King prawns with pineapple, cucumber and peppers in a sweet and sour sauce
33. Ped Sub Rod£8.50Add +Stir fried sliced roasted duck with pineapple, fresh ginger, onions, carrots and spring onions
34. Ped Khee Mao£8.50Add +Stir fried sliced roasted duck with bamboo shoots, green beans, basil leaves and chilli
35. Talay Prik Phao£8.50Add +Mixed seafood with red peppers, basil leaves and roasted chilli paste made of shallots, garlic, chilli and shrimps
36. Talay Graprow
£8.80Add +
Mixed seafood with fresh basil leaves, chilli and green beans
37. Tay Lay Gratiam£8.80Add +Mixed seafood in garlic and pepper sauce
38. Gaeng Kiew
£8.15Add +
Famous Thai green curry cooked with bamboo shoots, Thai aubergines, lime leaves basil leaves and coconut milk
39. Gaeng Dang
£8.15Add +
Thai red curry cooked with bamboo shoots, Thai aubergines, lime leaves, basil leaves and coconut milk
40. Massaman Gaek£8.15Add +Lamb massaman curry slow cooked with shallots, potatoes, peanuts and coconut milk
41. Rendang Neau£8.15Add +Beef rendang curry slow cooked with lemongrass, roasted coconut and spices
42. Gaeng Goong Sub Rod£8.50Add +King prawn curry cooked with pineapple, peppers, lime leaves and coconut milk
43. Gang Ped
£8.50Add +
Roasted duck curry cooked with peppers, pineapple, tomatoes and basil leaves
44. Pla Chu Chi
£8.80Add +
Pan fried salmon fillet topped with red curry sauce, lime leaves and basil leaves
45. Malaysian Chicken£8.15Add +Chicken curry slow cooked with potatoes, curry spices, turmeric cinnamon and coconut milk
Wok Rice & Noodles
46. Pad Thai
£8.80Add +
Stir fried rice noodles with sweet tamarind sauce, egg, bean sprouts, ground dried shrimps, spring onions and ground peanuts
47. See Eiw Gai£8.15Add +Stir fried rice vermicelli noodles with chicken slices, egg, spring greens and broccoli
48. Sen Mee Ped£8.80Add +Stir fried rice stick vermicelli noodles with sliced roasted duck, onions, bean sprouts, spring onions and dark soy sauce
49. Rad Nar Moo£8.15Add +Stir fried ho fun noodles topped with pork, spring green vegetables, broccoli and carrots in yellow bean gravy
50. Char Kway Teow
£8.15Add +
Stir fried ho fun noodles with king prawns, egg, garlic, chilli, spring onions and bean sprouts in a dark soy sauce
51. Mee Goreng
£8.15Add +
Stir fried egg noodles, with beef, spring green vegetables, bean sprouts, peppers and chilli in an oyster sauce
52. Nasi Goreng
£8.80Add +
Stir fried rice with chicken, egg, mixed vegetables, roasted chilli, paste and dark soy sauce
Noodle Soups
53. Sen Mee Tom Kha£8.80Add +Rice vermicelli noodles in galangal soup with chicken, coconut milk, mushrooms, lemongrass and lime leaves
54. Mee Nham£8.80Add +Egg noodles in soup with king prawns, barbecued pork, spring onions, bean sprouts and fried onions
55. Lek Tom Yum
£8.80Add +
Rice noodles in tom yum soup with seafood, mushrooms, lemongrass, lime leaves and crushed peanuts
Vegetable Dishes
56. Pad Pak£6.45Add +Stir fried mixed vegetables with oyster sauce
57. Pak Nueng
£6.45Add +
Steamed Chinese green vegetables with ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil
58. Pad Bong£6.45Add +Stir fried morning glory with yellow bean, thai garlic and red chilli
Side Dishes
Steamed Rice£2.10Add +
Egg Fried Rice£2.75Add +
Coconut Rice£2.75Add +
Sticky Rice£2.75Add +
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